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The Hirondelle Association

At the end of the 80s, Nicolae Ceaușescu, Romanian dictator, wanted to eliminate the small villages in order to concentrate the inhabitants in buildings in the city.

It is in this context that the association Hirondelle was created in support of the small Romanian villages.

We have carried out many actions, in particular convoys bringing clothes, medicines, school supplies…; and fundraising to finance works in the partner villages.

Since then, the association has also come to the aid of the victims of Honduras and the floods in the south of the Tarn and in the Aude.

L’hirondelle is currently mobilizing to support Ukrainian families welcomed in our area. By creating a collective to federate, coordinate, organize events to facilitate meetings with our friends, collect funds, clothing, food products, furniture etc…

Our association continues to work in this spirit of humanism and solidarity : [email protected]