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Our actions for Ukrainians

We have decided to help the Ukrainian population victim of a war in their country.

This is our priority action for 2022-2023.


The main objective of convoys is to transport Ukrainian refugees, they nevertheless make it possible to send the gone to the collected donations (drugs, medical equipment, food, etc.). We have a global approach, and work for this in connection with the administration and local associations. We secure before departure for France accommodations and tracks in order to offer a lasting solution to the beneficiaries of our action. On arrival the refugees are received by the services of the prefecture and the associations in charge of their support (administrative, social, work, etc.). They are then transferred to their accommodation which was verified before their arrival.

Departure from France
arrival of donations in Lviv
halt in Bamberg

Accompaniment in search of jobs

Employment is the key to autonomy for displaced people, in particular it allows you to obtain independent housing. This is the reason why we exhibit the local labor market to refugees to whom we offer transport for France. Individual support is carried out by a team of volunteers in partnership with Pôle Emploi, welcoming families and associations. We first carry out a socio-professional diagnosis, then seek potential employers from which we offer the profile. The job interviews and the job taking are secured by the presence of an interpreter, and we are soliciting Pôle Emploi if the implementation of a measure is necessary. Examples of our successes: passion for leather, sport federates.

In order to promote the autonomy of refugees and allow hosting families to support them, we publish guides and videos on job search in France.

Following the dissemination of these guides we were contacted by numerous refugees. In order to help them we now carry out remote support in partnership with hosts or social workers on site. 


Collection and providing information

Faced with the multitude of sources of information, and the numerous requests and questions of refugees, we quickly understood that a collection, compilation and dissemination of information is necessary. This is the reason why since the first days of creating the association’s Facebook page we communicate information and guides to refugees to help them.