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The passion for leather

Lyudmila, passenger of our first convoy, arrived a month ago in Cadalen where she is staying with our friends Francis and Martine from the association l’hirondelle. When I spoke with them about the job Lyudmila was looking for, I learned that she has been a leather stitcher for 25 years.

What a wonderful coincidence for her to find herself 2 km from Graulhet, the French capital of leather making.

So I contacted the Fourès workshops who were immediately interested in her application even though she doesn’t speak French.

A few days later we visited the workshop, as soon as we walked in the door we could smell the leather… that made Lyudmila smile. When she discovered the studio, her eyes were shining and she seemed very happy!

Since last Thursday, she has joined the company as part of a pre-recruitment training (AFPR) set up with Pôle Emploi to enable her to acquire the technical vocabulary and knowledge of the material and products.

A great adventure that is just beginning.

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